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King SoopersBest Grocery Store
King Soopers
We’re not going to tell our readers anything they don’t already know here: King Soopers takes care of just about anything. In a single outing, you could exchange a propane tank, refill your bus card, get mom a birthday cake, snag your favorite tofu, buy some beer, play the lottery, gaze upon fresh fish fillets, order a bouquet of flowers, get gas, eat fried chicken and return your Redbox movie. If that’s not a one-stop shop, then the term ought to be outlawed. But it’s the employees at King Soopers who are always ready to drop what they’re doing and help you find what you’re looking for that people remember when it’s time to vote for best grocery store. Three locations in Boulder! 1650 30th St., Boulder, 303.443.9622,

Runner Up: Lucky’s Market, 3960 Broadway, #104, Boulder, 303.444.0215,

Best Liquor Store
Hazel’s Beverage World
Hazel’s keeps it fun, clean and bright, offering the biggest selection of wine, beer and spirits in town at prices that don’t make you cringe. There’s only one Hazel’s, and Boulder keeps coming back because they know they can count on staff to have deep product knowledge, an amazing range of drinks, and decidedly un-Boulder prices. “We continue to keep the customer experience central at Hazel’s, and I believe that’s why we’ve won again,” says Director of Marketing Hayley Kamke. “An example: We are giving away a custom wrapped, brand new 2019 Toyota RAV4 from Boulder Toyota. It’s the ultimate Buffs fan mobile and customers can enter to win until Nov. 2 at Hazel’s!” The Toyota will be given away on the field at the CU vs. Stanford homecoming game on Nov. 9. 1955 28th St., Boulder, 303.447.1955,

Runner Up: Liquor Mart, 1750 15th St., Boulder, 303.449.3374,

Best Wine Merchant
Boulder Wine Merchant
Brett Zimmerman, master sommelier and owner of Boulder Wine Merchant, is honored to have earned this Boulder County Gold Award yet again. In addition to outfitting the Merchant with an experienced and educated staff, Zimmerman sources high-quality, artisan products for the store and maintains a friendly, approachable environment. Boulder Wine Merchant has recently started carrying some fun food products such as cheeses, caviar, griddle cake mixes, fried chicken brine and batter, jams, dried pastas, sauces and canned seafood from Spain. You might have a chance to try some of these interesting snacks at the free tastings at Boulder Wine Merchant on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7 p.m.
2690 Broadway, Boulder, 303.443.6761,

Runner Up: Hazel’s Beverage World, 1955 28th St., Boulder, 303.447.1955,