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Best Allergy and ENT Practice
Boulder Valley Ear, Nose & Throat
No one wants to feel like a number – and at Boulder Valley Ear Nose and Throat, they know that. This is why they treat all their patients with a little extra care. Even when you call the office, you talk to a live voice. “One thing we do in our practice, we don’t have a voice mail system. We answer the phone every time and I think people like that kind of service,” said Tom, one of their staff members. With so many doctors in Boulder, it can be hard to make a choice. But if your read their reviews on Boulder Valley Ear Nose and Throat, it’s easy to see that they treat patients right. 4745 Arapahoe Ave., #130, Boulder, 303.443.2771,

Runner Up: Boulder Medical Center, 2750 Broadway St., Boulder, 303.440.3000,

Best Chiropractic Clinic
Terry Chiropractic
Celebrating 40 years of practice in Boulder, Natalie Lyle, D.C. and her son Alexander Duff, D.C. make sure the patients at Terry Chiropractic understand the full benefits of proper spinal health. “Changing your posture changes your health and overall vitalism in your body.” What sets them apart? They use chiropractic biophysics, a well-researched, evidence-based technique known to improve energy, sleep, while it boosts the immune system. “Patients come in with neck and back pain but their overall health improves…the entire health of your body improves,” Dr. Lyle said. So it’s a nice surprise when patient come back to her office and mention how well they’re sleeping and how much better they feel, simply because she teaches them the importance of proper spinal alignment — and its impact on total health. 3083 Walnut St., Boulder, 303.440.0500,

Runner Up: ADIO Health Chiropractic, 2714 28th St., Boulder, 720.636.6064,

CrossFit SanitasBest CrossFit Gym AND Best Place to Work Out
CrossFit Sanitas
Not gonna lie — some people will pay good money to feel the intense pain of a badass workout. Sanitas is that kind of Crossfit gym that attracts that type of client. But it’s not all pain, said Manager Thomas Baker. “We’re working a lot to generate a culture of discipline and also of fun when it comes to your workouts,” Baker said. Coaches like to keep you guessing to make it fun and interesting. Baker said coaches play games during warm-ups and also incorporate the not so fun parts that actually bring out some of the best results. “They might not necessarily want to do some things, but it keeps them injury free and pain free,” he said.“People rely on us so they can do the things they love — like hiking, playing with their kids, skiing.” 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 303.449.4635,

Runner Up for Best CrossFit Gym: CrossFit Roots, 2406 30th St., Boulder,

Runner Up for Best Place to Work Out: Kondition Fitness,
3161 Walnut St., Boulder, 303.444.5505,

Family Hearing CenterBest Hearing Center
Family Hearing
Dedicated to helping Boulder County hear better since 1963, the recently renovated Family Hearing continues to provide unparalleled support with digital hearing aids, tinnitus, hearing loss and more. “Our treatment process is a balance between personal care and technical skill,” says Owner Jennifer LaBorde. “We really take the time to genuinely understand each person’s individual needs. Everyone has different daily routines, careers, hobbies and families. What is important to each person can vary greatly, so it’s imperative that we listen with care to address all of their listening goals.” LaBorde’s favorite outcome? Bringing families together. “I have helped many of my own family members hear better through hearing technology, so I understand firsthand what it’s like when there are communication breakdowns — and how amazing it is when we can reconnect.” 3059 Walnut St., Boulder, 303.443.5085,

Runner Up: Hearing HealthCare Centers, 4800 Baseline Road, #E108, Boulder, 303.499.3900,

Avanti Phystical TherapyBest Holistic Care/Wellness Center
Avanti Therapy
Avanti Therapy has two huge advantages: vast PT knowledge and superior TLC service. The outpatient physical therapy practice employs 13 seasoned professionals who treat the full spectrum of orthopedic, sports-related and neurological issues. Specialty services also include Pilates-based rehab, curve-specific programs for those with scoliosis, video gait analysis, chronic pain management and cancer survivorship. But attentive and compassionate holistic care is the real sweet spot here. Clinical Director Julie Edelman, PT, DPT, says that one-on-one, hour-long (that’s double the PT industry standard) appointments allow therapists to authentically uncover each patient’s individual needs and deliver the most targeted treatment possible. 5350 Manhattan Circle, #100, Boulder, 303.543.1201,

Runner Up: Terry Chiropractic, 3083 Walnut St., Boulder, 303.440.0500,

Beyer Lasik / Boulder EyesBest Lasik/Laser Eye Facility/Surgeon
Boulder Eyes/Beyer Lasik
When asked how Boulder Eyes stands above the competition, the staff jokes, “What competition? Nobody comes close!” And that’s pretty close to the truth. As one of the first FDA-approved doctors in the nation to perform LASIK surgery, Dr. Craig Beyer has been perfecting refractive laser services in Boulder since 1998. “Our mission since that time has always been to meet the individual needs of each patient and personalize their treatment by offering their best available options,” says Dr. Beyer, who has treated a long list of locals as well as national celebrities. Leveraging exciting new ophthalmology technologies, Dr. Beyer looks forward to expanding in two promising areas: advanced cataract surgery and treatments for keratoconus. 1810 30th St., Boulder, 303.499.2020,

Runner Up: Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado, 3000 Center Green Drive, #250, Boulder;
300 Exempla Circle, #120, Lafayette; 1400 Dry Creek Drive, Longmont, 303.772.3300,

Spine WestBest Medical Facility
Spine West
Modern-day treatment must consider the whole person, including biological, social, psychological and vocational issues, according to Dr. Cliff Gronseth, the founder and owner of Spine West. With a commitment to personalized care, Spine West’s board-certified providers use a highly collaborative, team-centered approach to simultaneously promote patient health and prevent future injury. Spine West provides high-quality affordable care by leveraging forward-looking non-surgical treatments and advanced diagnostic tools like MRIs, X-ray and ultrasound to diagnose and treat some of today’s most pervasive nerve, muscle, joint and spine conditions. 5387 Manhattan Circle, Boulder, 303.494.7773,

Runner Up: Boulder Community Health, 4747 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 303.415.7000,

Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Helping Hands Herbals
Ten-year-old Helping Hands Herbals is the embodiment of Colorado cannabis culture. But in contrast to now mass-produced marijuana, the dispensary’s flower is soil-grown, hand-watered and hand-trimmed. “We’ve seen that putting in that extra time with the plants can make a big difference,” says COO Erin Weiland. “Our top priority has been smiling service that makes you feel like family from the start. Pair that with some of the most beautiful hand-trimmed flower in the state and a deep curiosity to collect cutting-edge product knowledge as it develops, and the result is our happy family business where people love to come shop and spend time.” Adding to the pot shopping experience, customers can now purchase specially bred seed right at the Helping Hands Herbals Boulder store. 1021 Pearl St., Boulder, 303.444.1564,

Runner Up: Terrapin Care Station, 5370 Manhattan Circle, #104, Boulder; 1795 Folsom St., Boulder, 303.954.8402,

North Boulder Physical TherapyBest Physical Therapy AND Pilates
North Boulder Physical Therapy
Commitment matters. It certainly matters to Debra Layne, owner of North Boulder Physical Therapy, who has been committed to successfully treating the people of Boulder for 40 years strong. “We are in the fun position of treating three generations within families,” says Layne. “Teenagers, their parents and grandparents are being treated simultaneously by our faithful, specialized Physical Therapists.” In response to winning this people’s choice award, Layne remains humble and grateful. “At a time when health care nationally has become less personal and more about dollars than sense,” Layne explains, “Boulder is fortunate to have an abundance of providers who truly care for their patients and their health and well being.” Layne says that treating clients in Boulder is perhaps different than in other areas because it’s not a matter of motivating patients to be active, but rather guiding them in how to be active with certain limits so they can avoid damage to healing structures. In addition to specialized physical therapy, Pilates is another award-winning service offered. Taught by Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants with years of experience, Pilates classes are modified according to client’s needs or restrictions. 3000 Center Green Drive, Boulder, 303.413.9903,

Runner Up Physical Therapy: Spine West, 5387 Manhattan Circle, Boulder, 303.499.7773,

Runner Up Pilates: Avanti Therapy, 5350 Manhattan Circle, Boulder, 303.543.1201,

Yoga Loft

Best Yoga Studio
Yoga Loft
Since opening in August of 2012, Owners Jeff Bailey and Dr. Lori Kemmet have sought to create a space that promotes peace and tranquility, where people of all ages and body types feel welcome. Their vision continues to evolve and Yoga Loft has become a place where anyone can find a practice that works for them. “At Yoga Loft we understand the difference between the pursuit of fitness and the pursuit of health and wholeness,” said Jeff Bailey, “and they are not always the same.” Bailey also said he is delighted with the growth of Avita Yoga, as it’s a sustainable practice for anyone who wants more health, more mobility and more peace of mind. Yoga Loft offers a variety of classes (over 45 per week) including Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, Restorative, Yoga Nidra and Avita Yoga, and Yoga Loft instructors dedicate themselves to practices that target mental and physical wellness for their students. 633 S. Broadway, Boulder, 720.612.4321,

Runner Up: Kondition, 3161 Walnut St., Boulder, 303.444.5505,