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Best Faces

Best Dentist
Whole Family Dentistry / Dr. Ted Kawulok, DDS
When you go to the dentist, the last thing you want is a long wait. Whole Family Dentistry makes sure they’re on time so patients can get on with their day says Brandi Martinez, front office administer. Martinez said customers like the friendly staff and each patient receives personalized attention. The quality care from Dr. Ted Kawulok is evident based on his solid reviews on Google, she said. “We offer the latest technology and Dr. Kawulok is always learning the newest techniques. He also keeps up the latest research.” Patients also appreciate that Dr. Kawulok sticks with only the necessary procedures, something that builds their trust. “One patient said he does the necessary work and he does not overcharge patients,” Martinez said. 1400 28th St., #4, Boulder, 303.442.8625,

Runner Up: North Boulder Dental, 1001 North St., Boulder, 303.447.1042,

Best Local Employer
The Bernardi Group at Coldwell Banker
“First off, I hire great people so I think that hiring is very important,” said Karen Bernardi of The Bernardi Group. She said that employees at The Bernardi Group all have a great attitude, put customer service first and know how to serve others. And they understand what it means to be on a team. “They need to get it; if they can’t fit in with a team, it isn’t going to work,” Bernardi said. She gives great benefits, a good amount of vacation time and she has always paid for health insurance. “If we have a good year, I’m not the only one who benefits, everyone benefits,” Bernardi said. The staff works their tails off but also try to have fun. “We laugh a lot and we realize we’re in a serious business but we don’t need to take ourselves seriously,” she said. Her team tries to make sure customers are really happy because happy customers make a happy place to work. 2700 Canyon Blvd., #200, Boulder, 303.402.6000,

Runner Up: McGuckin Hardware, 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 303.443.1822,

Best Non-Profit Organization
Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA)
Founded over 100 years ago, Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA) has distributed food and financial assistance to hundreds of people who have lost their homes as a result of the pandemic. “Despite often being labeled as one of the healthiest and happiest cities in America, one in four households in Boulder County didn’t earn enough to make ends meet before the pandemic,” says Frankie Ryder, communications coordinator for EFAA. “The coronavirus has demonstrated how many people – our wait staff, house cleaners, landscapers and retail workers – were living paycheck to paycheck. We really can’t do this work alone. We have to remember that the virus will be a marathon, not a sprint.” Visit EFAA’s website to make a donation and learn more about their evolving response to the coronavirus. 1575 Yarmouth Ave., Boulder, 303.442.3042,

Runner Up: Humane Society of Boulder Valley, 2323 55th St., Boulder, 303.442.4030,

Best Real Estate Company
WK Real Estate
What really makes WK Real Estate different is not just the personalized experience, but the value they place in every single relationship. Dan Kingdom, broker/owner of WK Real Estate, says, This award really hits home as we take great pride in our personal connections with clients.” WK prioritizes knowing the hopes and dreams of its buyers and sellers, treating them like family, while also ensuring they take extra good care of their agents and employees. Retention rates are high in every category with WK Real Estate, proving that when an organization places its people and clients first, it reaps the rewards. 4875 Pearl East Circle, #100, Boulder, 303.443.2240,

Runner Up: RE/MAX of Boulder, 2425 Canyon Blvd., No. 110, Boulder, 303.449.7000,

Best Realtor
Karen Bernardi, The Bernardi Group
When being the best Realtor, it’s about customer service, customer service, customer service,” said Karen Bernardi, owner of “The Bernardi Group.” She tries to listen to what the client’s actual goal is and make sure her team is putting the clients needs first. Bernardi said she can only be the best because of her 11-member team. If Bernardi is with a customer, someone else is available at the office. The team members each have their own specialties in the real estate transaction, which includes 1,500 or so details to be handled, but they are also cross-trained to understand the other jobs. “I’ve been doing this for 34 years, so there are not a lot of surprises for me, but I’ve also been able to keep it exciting because real estate changes a lot,” Bernardi said. 2700 Canyon Blvd., Suite 200, Boulder, 303.402.6000,

Runner Up: Terri Taydus, WK Real Estate, 4875 Pearl East Circle, #100, Boulder, 303.345.3256,

Best Health & Fitness

Best Allergy and ENT Practice
Boulder Valley Ear, Nose & Throat
Firmly rooted as a community leader in comprehensive head and neck surgical treatments and ear, nose and throat medicine, Boulder Valley Ear, Nose & Throat has been serving the people of Boulder County for over 50 years. The practice now includes board-certified head and neck surgeons; physicians assistants; Doctors of Audiology; a full-scale allergy testing and treatment department; and an aesthetic practice led by a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Patient care is always professional and high quality, but the friendly atmosphere makes people feel right at home. The practice is following public-health guidance and adding safety measures to protect the welfare of patients and employees. 4745 Arapahoe Ave., #130, Boulder, 303.443.2771,

Runner Up: Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Clinic at Boulder Medical Center, 2750 Broadway, Boulder, 303.440.3000,

Best Chiropractic Clinic
Terry Chiropractic
Thriving for over 40 years, Terry Chiropractic Boulder has a backbone like no other. “We specialize in spinal correction that lasts for 20 to 40 years,” says Natalie Lyle, D.C. “What we do is very unique and different, even compared to most other chiropractors, and it is heavily backed by research.” Associate Alexander Duff, D.C., explains, “It’s a common stigma that chiropractors want you to keep coming forever, but we want to fix your spinal issues so your body can heal and function better, and then you can go live your life to the fullest!” Education is a big part of the experience, but so is a welcoming, secure environment where patients can ask questions. Lyle says, “We provide a safe atmosphere for everybody during these times while still continuing our standard of creating a ‘wow experience’ with each patient.” 3083 Walnut St., Boulder, 303.440.0500,

Runner Up: Swan Lake Chiropractic, 724 Pearl St., 303.449.3103,

Best CrossFit Gym AND Best Place to Work Out
CrossFit Sanitas
“We’ve won these categories for a few years in a row now and it means so much to us to continually get the feedback that we’re doing things well and that people like what we’re doing,” said Claire Mulholland, general manager. “We’re so grateful to our community. They are what got us through COVID.” Crossfit is an effective and fun way to work out, and staff members make sure programming is accessible to the customer and what they want out of that workout; whether it’s fitness or competition readiness. The gym also has a heavy emphasis on holistic health; pairing a workout with making sure you’re mobile enough to do these things. That means eating well, getting enough water and enough sleep. “I think people feel supported in the environment that we have,” Mulholland said. 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 303.449.4635,

Runner Up for Best CrossFit Gym: CrossFit Roots, 2406 30th St., Boulder, 303.578.8455,

Runner Up for Best Place to Work Out: Yoga Loft, 633 S. Broadway, Unit N, Boulder, 720.612.4321,

Best Hearing Center
Family Hearing
“We have been in the area for the longest and are the most award-winning ear center in Boulder County,” said Jennifer LaBorde, owner with Chelsea Walters, co-owner. Since 1963, Family Hearing has been a “little mom and pop store” rather than a franchise, LaBorde said. Customers can get a hearing aid anywhere online but they come to Family Hearing for the skilled support where the hearing aids are programmed for the lifestyles the customers lead. LaBorde said they concentrate on patient-focused care. Patients have also appreciated that the office is not tied to a hospital or medical center so they don’t have a lot of traffic in and out. “We love and appreciate our clientele so much,” LaBorde said. “Our goal is to continue to exceed expectations so we can continue to earn their vote.” 3059 Walnut St., Boulder, 303.443.5085,

Runner Up: Costco Hearing Aid Centers, 5657 Euclid Place, Boulder, 303.554.9711,

Best Holistic Care/Wellness Center AND Best Physical Therapy Center
Avanti Therapy
Avanti Therapy was founded in 2008 by Heather Boak and Julie Edelman. “As physical therapy became more high volume and less patient centric, we were committed to creating a clinic which provided the space for therapists to solve the puzzle of each person’s injury,” says Boak. Avanti’s seasoned therapists treat the full spectrum of orthopedic, sports related and neurological issues. Specialty programs include Pilates-based rehab, scoliosis rehab, video gait analysis, pain management and cancer survivorship. “Attentive and compassionate care is what sets us apart,” says Boak. “We are so grateful to our community of patients and friends who choose our clinic to be their partners in healing.” 5350 Manhattan Circle #100, Boulder, 303.543.1201,

Runner Up for Best Holistic Care/Wellness Center: Helios Integrated Medicine, 350 Broadway, Unit 100, Boulder, 303.499.9224,

Runner Up for Best Physical Therapy Center: Spine West, 5387 Manhattan Circle, #200, Boulder, 303.494.7773,

Runner Up for Best Pilates Studio: Alta Physical Therapy & Pilates, 2955 Baseline Road, Boulder, 303.444.8707,

Best Lasik/Laser Eye Facility/Surgeon
Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado
Once again honored and privileged to have the support of the community, Priscilla Trost, practice liaison and marketing coordinator of the Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado, said that it is obvious how the care and expertise of the surgeons is appreciated with these rewards. “We have one surgeon that does Lasik; she is a cornea specialist who is not only board-certified but has been Fellowship-trained very specifically in cornea health,” Trost said. Aimee Verner gets tremendous results and her patients love her. “Her patients appreciate her expertise and her kindness and her heart,” Trost said. “That’s what I see over and over (in her reviews).” These surgeries are performed by highly-specialized surgeons in their own surgery center dedicated to only eye surgeries. 3000 Center Green Drive, #250, Boulder, 303.772.3300,

Runner Up: Boulder Eyes/Beyer Lasik,1810 30th St., #B, 303.499.2020,

Best Medical Facility
Spine West
Spine West is more than just a private medical practice that diagnoses and treats orthopedic issues non-surgically. Staff support the community through events like food drives and charitable bike rides, and the company also partners with the non-profit NYAGI to teach ultrasound to under-served regions around the world. This is Spine West’s fourth consecutive Gold award for Best Medical Facility – a true testament to their patient-centric services. “We want to treat every single patient as if they are members of our own family,” says Dr. Cliff Gronseth, founder and owner of Spine West. “We offer personalized care, treating the whole person, not just a single symptom or body part. All of our procedures and diagnostic tools such as x-ray, MRI and ultrasound are done conveniently in our hyper-clean office with no facility fees.” 5387 Manhattan Circle, #200, Boulder, 303.494.7773,

Runner Up: Boulder Medical Center, 2750 Broadway, Boulder, 303.440.3000,

BEST Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Terrapin Care Station
With a medical marijuana dispensary in Boulder proper and five recreational dispensaries in the area, Terrapin Care Station is harvesting locals’ continued interest in high-quality medical and recreational alternatives. Terrapin Care Station touts it is a consumer-focused cultivator, processor and provider of high-quality medical and retail cannabis products, with some of the most competitive prices in the market. Online ordering during the pandemic is making shopping for marijuana a speedier process, and there are always plenty of budtenders on hand to answer your MMJ questions. With tons of product, daily deals, loyalty rewards, and insightful staff,  Terrapin Care Station clearly isn’t blowing smoke.
5370 Manhattan Circle, #104, Boulder, 303.954.8402,

Runner Up: IgadI, 1325 S. Public Road, Lafayette, 303.862.7457; 150 N Jefferson Street, Nederland, 303.258.7058; 1063 Courtesy Road, Louisville, 303.474.4059; 972 W. Dillon Road, Louisville, 303.353.9033,

Best Yoga Studio
Yoga Loft
A local resource for those who want a consistent, close-to-home retreat center, Yoga Loft’s spacious rooms feature beautiful, expansive mountain views. “We offer various styles of yoga and work hard to share the practice in a way that benefits people of all ages and body types,” says Co-Owner Jeff Bailey. Avita Yoga, therapeutic in both body and mind, is the studio’s signature program. But vinyasa, invigorating on all levels, is popular too. “There is something for everyone and that includes our online offerings,” Bailey says. “But it’s not only what we offer, it’s how we offer it.” He says it’s possible to achieve better results with less effort, less push and less demand. “It’s time for a kinder way with ourselves as well as others.” 633 S. Broadway, Boulder, 720.612.4321,

Runner Up: Kondition Fitness, Kondition, 3161 Walnut St., Boulder, 303.444.5505,

Best Home, Sweet Home Service

Best AC/Heating Service AND Best Plumber/Plumbing Company
Precision Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical
Multiple ‘Best Of’ Winner, Precision Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical is honored to have earned the loyalty and trust of tens of thousands of families throughout their 38 years of business by providing fast, local service. With Precision, not only are you guaranteed excellent, timely service from experienced professionals, their technicians take the time to answer questions and explain any problems while offering economical solutions and up-front pricing–no surprises! Andrea Nelson, CEO, believes their success boils down to their exceptional customer service. “We put our customers first. We believe in doing the right thing and treating our customers how we want to be treated,” she says.  “Our employees constantly improve and educate themselves.” Every detail matters at Precision, from friendly, helpful service to responsiveness to your time of stress. Call today and discover first-hand what makes this longtime company the best. 5035 Chaparral Court, Boulder, 303.581.1455,

Runner Up for Best AC/Heating Service: Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning, 1750 55th St., Unit D, Boulder, 303.442.6640,

Runner Up for Best Plumber/Plumbing Company: Bernie’s Plumbing & Heating Company, 1501 Lee Hill Drive, #8, Boulder, 303.442.7060,

Best Carpet Cleaning Service
“There are plenty of carpet cleaners out there but it’s our dedicated employees that provide exceptional customer service that set us apart from the others,” said Edward Fosado, owner of Nesheim’s. “It’s our customer service, hands-down.” This is the 21st year that the company has won “Best Carpet Cleaning.” Fosado worked for Nesheim’s on and off for 20 years before he and Lindsey Williams took over the business from the previous owner, Rick Farasyn, this last year. The company started in 1981 and the values it began with continue to this day. As a company, they are willing to do whatever it takes to provide detail-oriented service for their customers. “We are very family-owned,” Williams agreed. “We don’t go by corporate standards and we treat customers like family.” 1212 Commerce Court, Lafayette, 303.666.8888,

Runner Up: Chem-Dry of Boulder, 3835 Silver Plume Circle, Boulder, 720.304.3910,

Best Interior Design Studio
Bartlett Interiors
Bartlett Interiors is a small design firm and their size is intentional. “This allows us to give special attention to our clients and their needs,” says Owner Jane Bartlett. “No matter the size of the project we work hard to capture their vision and bring it to life.” Jane purchased the business from the previous owners in 1984 after working there for nearly ten years. Her sister Nancy joined her team, and they’ve been realizing customer’s dreams ever since. “Our longevity and combined years of design experience make us unique,” says Jane. The Bartlett Interiors retail store and design studio features a variety of furniture, lights and accessories, as well as large selection of fabrics, wallpapers and carpet. The store is currently open by appointment only. 2020 Pearl St., Boulder, 303.442.5194,

Runner Up: Proud House Studio & Co., 2805 Wilderness Place, #200, Boulder, 720.242.7942,

Best Moving Company
Taylor Moving & Storage
Most Boulder County residents know Taylor Moving for its iconic green trucks. But it’s the honest, experienced, reliable movers inside who leave the most indelible mark. With over two decades of service, Taylor Moving & Storage is embedded in the community and a perennial People’s Choice pick. “I think we keep winning because we’ve been around for 24 years and we’ve always had great quality and consistently provide a great service,” Owner Leah Sprague says. “People know they can count on us to get their move done right.” The company also offers national moves, secure, climate-control, vaulted storage and packing services for every transitional need. “And, as always, we’re a locally owned small business,” Sprague says. 4949 Broadway, Boulder, 303.443.5885,

Runner Up: Klatt Moving & Storage, 3075 North 75th St., Boulder, 303.449.1960,

Best for Pets

Best Doggie Day Care AND Best Pet Boarding Service AND Best Customer Service
Cottonwood Kennels
Furry friends are part of the family. So naturally we want them treated that way where they stay when we’re away. Rhonda Beitzel, owner of Cottonwood Kennels, says this kindheartedness is at the core of her animal kingdom. “We are a small business and it’s important to us to build relationships with our clients and their pets.” Boulder County pet owners appreciate Cottonwood’s honest, all-inclusive approach to services. “You won’t find a bunch of extra charges for a pet’s basic needs like play time, walks or enrichment activities,” Beitzel says. That kind of dedication pays off – people and pets love coming back here. Beitzel sends gratitude to her devoted clients: “We really can’t thank them enough for their ongoing support, especially during this difficult year!” 7275 Valmont Road, Boulder, 303.442.2602,

Runner Up for Best Doggie Day Care: Camp Bow Wow: 3631 Pearl St., Boulder, 303.442.2261,

Runner Up for Best Pet Boarding Service: Camp Bow Wow, 3631 Pearl St., Boulder, 303.442.2261,

Runner Up for Best Customer Service: Pompadours Hair Salon, 1320 Pearl St., #200, Boulder, 303.938.8015,

Best Pet Grooming
Pampered Pooch Grooming
Astrid Gifford, owner, is particular about her groomers. They have to be great; sweet and patient and loving to the dogs. “I really think that’s why people love us so much. Their dogs are scratching on the door to come in because they get so much love and attention,” she said. The dogs are not put in cages until their parents come back, they’re out on little beds. “The love is probably the crucial factor. The dogs are so happy here, and they do look great because I’m very particular about how they look,” Gifford said. Gifford started the business 18 years ago and thought it might last three to four years, but she discovered a real joy for working with dogs. “They teach us so much and make us better people,” she said. 2750 Glenwood Drive, #6, Boulder, 303.444.0508.

Runner Up: The Hydrant, 2900 Valmont Road, #E2, Boulder, 303.442.7550

Best VET Clinic
Alpine Hospital for Animals
For over 50 years Alpine Hospital for Animals has been providing compassionate and comprehensive veterinary care for animal companions from Boulder and surrounding communities. The clinic cares for small animals and exotics using traditional western medicine, alternative eastern therapies and full dental and surgical treatments. Veterinary technicians and veterinarians give each pet and family their full attention. As a new patient, the technicians gather information before the veterinarians examine the pets. Parents are able to get their questions answered. The clinic staff always seek to make families feel safe and taken care of. For exceptional care for your pets, our voters recommend a visit to Alpine Hospital for Animals.

3210 Valmont Road, Boulder, 303.443.9661,

Runner Up: Left Hand Animal Hospital, 304 Franklin St., Niwot, 303.652.8387,

Best Place to Get Beautiful

Best Hair Salon
Pompadours Hair Salon
Pompadours is an Aveda salon that prioritizes the planet along with style and professionalism. The salon composts all of the leftovers from haircuts, and they also recycle 80 percent of their waste. They’ve also made plenty of recent changes to allow for safe haircuts during the pandemic. “We are following all precautions during this time to make sure every guest feels safe and clean while in our establishment,” says Manager Jessica Wilkerson. The stylists at Pompadours are always learning and improving their techniques, no matter how many years they’ve been in business. “We want every person to love their hair and feel great,” says Wilkerson. “If for any reason someone is not completely ecstatic about their new look, we will correct it without any hesitation.” 1320 Pearl St., #200, Boulder, 303.938.8015,

Runner Up: Rumours Hair Studio, 1886 30th St., Boulder, 303.444.7797,

Best Skin Care Facility AND Best Spa AND Best Nail Salon AND CBD-Infused Skincare Products
JLounge Natural Nail Bar & Spa
As evidenced by their Gold awards in four categories, JLounge Natural Nail Bar and Spa offers more than just your typical spa experience. “It’s a nice oasis away from every day life,” says Jennifer Zrubek, who co-owns the salon with Julie Perington. “Our services bring a sense of balance, wellness and appreciation to our customers, featuring non-toxic products which also set us apart.” Before reopening to the public, jLounge installed an air ionizer that kills COVID on contact, installed new flooring, made improvements to the manicure stations and reception area, and repainted the whole spa. “Our clients feel safe to come in and get services because of our long-standing reputation for clean and natural products, sanitation and the best customer service and quality of treatments,” says Perington. 3003 Walnut St., Boulder, 720.484.6669,

Runner Up for Best Skin Care: Alchemy Face Bar, 2701 Canyon Blvd., Boulder, 303.817.1430,

Runner Up for Best Spa: Spa at St. Julien, 900 Walnut St., Boulder, 720.406.9696,

Runner Up for Best Nail Salon: Contempo Nails, 1631 28th St., Boulder, 720.565.1159,

Runner Up for Best CBD-Infused Skincare Products: Holos Health, 720.273.3568,

Best Places

Best After-School Program AND Best Climbing Gym
ABC Kids Climbing
ABC Kids Climbing is a fully-equipped climbing facility specifically tailored to children and the only gym of its kind in the country. “Climbing is a wonderful activity for building confidence at all ages and ability levels,” says Holly Seamans, recreation instructor and team coach at ABC. “That’s what drives us: the physical and personal thriving of our young climbers, and the excitement of watching the sport’s next generation develop right here in our gym.” ABC gives kids access to some of the best coaches and instructors in the world: two of whom, Brooke Raboutou and Colin Duffy, will represent the US at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. “We have worked hard for years to continuously refine our specialized curricula that give kids a complete climbing experience,” says Seamans. 1960 32nd St., Boulder, 303.443.5437,

Runner Up for Best After-School Program: YMCA of Northern Colorado, 2800 Dagny Way, Lafayette, 303.664.5455,

Runner Up for Best Climbing Gym: Boulder Rock Club, 2829 Mapleton Ave., Boulder, 303.447.2804,

Best Full-Day/Full-Week Summer Day Camp
Rocky Mountain Day Camp
This was a hard summer for Rocky Mountain Day Camp, but it had a silver lining. “This past summer we were faced with the difficult decision to close Rocky Mountain Day Camp,” says Owner Holly Hanson. “Keeping our campers, their families and our staff safe was our number one priority. We received so much support from our families around this decision. To win Best Day Camp this year is very special to us because it shows that family support.” Summer 2021 will be the family-run camp’s 15th season and the program is constantly evolving to meet campers’ needs. “We work on Rocky Mountain Day Camp year round to provide our families with the best possible summer experience,” says Hanson. “Each summer at RMDC is unique and brings with it new opportunities for growth.” 3351 S. Indiana St., Superior, 303.495.5204,

Runner Up: Avid4 Adventure, 2805 Wilderness Place, #100, Boulder, 720.249.2412,

Best Dry Cleaner/ Laundromat
Art Cleaners
Art Cleaners is celebrating its 15th year as Boulder’s Best Dry Cleaner/Laundromat! At Art Cleaners, getting your clothes nice and clean is just the beginning of their mission. They also work hard to save their customers time and money by offering coupons on their website and ensuring a quick turnaround time. Art Cleaners also puts in the extra effort to be a planet-loving, environmentally-friendly dry cleaner. The harsh chemicals associated with dry cleaning can not only be damaging to water supplies and even to human health, but they can also damage your clothes and shorten the lifespan of your favorite items. With Art Cleaners’ green approach, everything gets taken care of: the planet, your clothes and you. 1501 Lee Hill Road, Unit 6, Boulder, 303.447.8700,

Runner Up: John’s Cleaners, 3325 28th St., #6, Boulder, 303.444.2877; 4800 Baseline Road, #C109, 303.499.5554,

Best Financial Institution/Bank AND Best Mortgage Lender
Elevations Credit Union
Elevations Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit, which means the financial institution is only as prosperous as its members. “Our team is invested in the success of our members, so this award is extremely meaningful to us,” says Dennis Paul, vice president of community affairs. “We strive every day to provide the very best personal banking solutions for our members.” Among its key services, Elevations offers unbiased information through free one-on-one consultations with members and dozens of free financial seminars – all open to the public and available online. Elevations is also the No. 1 provider of youth financial literacy programs in Colorado and recently provided 16 college scholarships, plus important COVID-19 community relief funds. “Many of our members are looking for a financial institution that goes the extra mile,” says Paul. Mission accomplished.
2960 Diagonal Highway, Boulder, 303.443.4672,

Runner Up for Best Financial Institution/Bank: FirstBank, 2835 Pearl St., Boulder, 720.406.8800; 4770 Baseline Road, #100, Boulder, 303.499.2200; 2100 Broadway St., Boulder, 303.440.6500; 6500 Lookout Road, Boulder, 303.530.1000; 3600 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, 303.494.8100,

Runner Up for Best Mortgage Lender: Premier Mortgage Group, 1844 Folsom St., Boulder, 303.449.8855,

Best Green Services
Organo-Lawn of Boulder
Organo-Lawn is known for three core earth-friendly services: Synergy, an all-organic, pre-emergent weed control made from corn gluten meal; a post-emergent, all-natural weed killer called One Earth Weed Control; and the water-saving, disease-preventing 1-2-3-2-1 lawn watering technique. Followers swear by Organo-Lawn’s products and services, which fit the Colorado lifestyle. “We are very grateful to win such an honor, especially since it’s an environmentally friendly award,” says Owner Brad Wolfe. “With so many homeowners following proper lawn watering practices, mowing their lawns tall and committing to use of organic lawn care products, we have been able to dramatically reduce the use of unnecessary chemicals being applied in our community!”1859 North 75th St., Boulder, 303.499.2000,

Runner Up: Green Ride Boulder, 4800 Baseline Road, Suite D-110, Boulder, 303.997.0238,

Best Funeral Service Provider
Greenwood & Myers Mortuary
Compassion. It’s shown by longtime staff and in the authentic environment at Greenwood & Myers Mortuary. “We are the only family-owned and locally operated funeral home in Boulder,” says Owner Michael Greenwood. “We don’t report to stockholders, we do everything in-house and we are entirely dedicated to customer service.” Greenwood & Myers employees can handle everything, including full-service funerals, luncheons or receptions, as well as grief support, creative celebrations of life and self-directed funerals. Burial services, cremation and green funerals are also available. The atmosphere is just as memorable for commemorating a loved one: “It’s not like a traditional funeral home setting,” Greenwood says. “It’s much more comfortable, like a home or lodge, just warm and welcoming.” 2969 Baseline Road, Boulder, 303.440.3960,

Runner Up: Crist Mortuary, 3395 Penrose Place, Boulder, 303.442.4411,

Best Memory Care Center
Academy at Bella Vista
“Our beautiful home and setting is really hard to beat,” says Executive Director Michelle Belochi. “That paired with an exceptional resident-to-caregiver ratio in our not-too-big communities and excellent standards of care make The Academy Bella Vista the premier choice for memory care. The wonderful residents and their families make Belochi’s job most rewarding, but it’s a throughtful team of caregivers that make all the difference, she says. “The Academy’s mission to be a community of excellence that fosters meaningful living in an intimate environment of grace and beauty makes this a very special place. We are a family. We love working here and we love living here.” 2762 Bella Vista Lane, Boulder, 303.938.1920,

Runner Up: Balfour Retirement Community, 1331 Hecla Drive, Louisville, 303.867.6400,

Best Place for Worship
Grace Commons Church
Grace Commons is 148 years old. It’s warm and inviting, multigenerational and has ages spanning the age groups, said Janet Schultz, administrative assistant, and Erik Hanson, lead pastor. Worship services are a mix of traditional and contemporary music and follow long traditions of faith. “They connect with everyday life, they inspire people, they point us to love each other,” Schultz said. “We love our city and we love being downtown.” Their “Mercy Ministries” are near Boulder Creek, and church members love their location because it’s a hub of activity and they can meet the needs of people around them through worship, friendship and relationships. “We love it here and hope to be here another 148 years,” she said. 1820 15th St., Boulder, 303.402.6400,

Runner Up: Congregation Har HaShem, 3950 Baseline Road, Boulder, 303.499.7077,

Best Retirement/Alternative or Elder Care/Assisted Living Community
Frasier Retirement Community
On its 20-acre campus, Frasier Retirement Community offers independent living, assisted living, memory support, skilled nursing and long-term care. A not-for-profit senior living community, Frasier is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. “We’ve been a part of Boulder for so long and our culture and values reflect that,” says Julie Soltis, director of communications for Frasier. “Frasier has been committed to the belief that, with the proper support, people can thrive and find meaning and passion at every age and circumstance.” Frasier recently completed a masterplan new construction and expansion project that added new spaces and refreshed amenities throughout the campus, including a 98-apartment independent living building, a multi-purpose arts and education facility with a 44-seat theater, and an expanded Wellness Center with a new lap pool. 350 Ponca Place, Boulder, 303.499.4888,

Runner Up: Academy at Bella Vista, 2762 Bella Vista Lane, Boulder, 303.938.1920,

Best for Wheels

Best Auto Dealer
Flatirons Subaru
Flatirons Subaru has won Best Auto Dealer for nine years in a row. For the Flatirons Subaru team, there’s no big secret about their success – it’s a simple matter of connecting with customers and providing consistently excellent service. “We have amazing people that work here that take pride in their relationships with the people in our community, and it shows,” says Marketing Director Brian Scaglia, who has been with Flatirons for almost 25 years. Scott Crouch, owner of Flatirons Subaru, and his family are constantly supporting the community with generous donations and sponsorships, amounting to more than $400,000 over the last six years. “We are committed to being more than the typical dealership through our actions, and that is how we’ve earned this reputation,” says Scaglia. 5995 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 725.575.2450,

Runner Up: Fisher Honda Acura, 6025 Arapahoe Road, Boulder, 303.245.6417,

Best Auto Repair Shop/Service Department AND Best Oil Change
Pellman’s Automotive
Few things are as valuable as a trustworthy mechanic, and Pellman’s Automotive takes that responsibility seriously. “We understand that car repair can be costly, inconvenient and many times unexpected and we strive to make the process as positive as possible,” says President Brad Pellman. “Our customers trust us to give honest assessments of their vehicle’s condition and recommendations for repair. We provide this by being transparent through the entire process and employing some of the best and friendliest professionals in the industry.” Pellman’s has taken this transparency to the next level with their digital inspection reports that include photos and videos of any vehicle concerns. “This helps the customer see what we see and provides a better understanding of the repairs needed and the process involved,” says Pellman. 560 49th St., Boulder, 303.938.4050,

Runner Up for Best Auto Repair Shop/Service Dept.: Flatirons Subaru, 5995 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 725.575.2450,

Runner Up for Best Oil Change: Grease Monkey, 2405 28th St., Boulder, 303.444.9303, 2710 Baseline Road, 303.499.9844,

Best Car Wash
95th Street Cash Wash & Detail Center
As the owner of 95th Street Car Wash and having grown up in Boulder County, Ty Abram felt that customers were missing the convenience of a quality tunnel car wash. Customers can pull up to get a $10 wash and utilize complimentary amenities such as great vacuums, compressed air to blow out vents and under seats, window cleaner, microfiber towels and trash receptacles. Interior detailing is also available. “This choice of either interior, exterior or both sets us apart from any other wash on the Front Range,” Abram said. He added that this award only strengthens their resolve to provide a superior clean, dry shiny car in an atmosphere that is safe and with “smiles all around.” 2541 Arapahoe Road, Lafayette, 303.664.9274,

Runner Up: Breeze Thru Car Wash, 1213 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont, 303.834.8387,