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Ushering the frothy deliciousness of the chocolatier café experience to Boulder for nearly 10 years, Piece, Love & Chocolate is “truly a Boulder creation, supporting Boulder artisans, producing innovative products of very high quality,” said Greg Amorese, “cocoa conductor” at Piece, Love & Chocolate. “Our products speak chocolate first,” he said. Endeavoring to minimize sugar and emphasize chocolate, the Piece, Love & Chocolate artisans concentrate on darker chocolates, while also preparing milk and white chocolate products, and offer gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan sweets. Tiramisu, a variety of cakes sold whole and by the slice, chocolate drinks and more than 50 varieties of truffles are available fresh daily. Asked his favorite truffle, Amorese said, “I have to bypass the most popular truffle (dark salted liquid caramel) and go to the champagne truffle. It’s a dark chocolate ganache infused with the cognac from French champagne.” 805 Pearl St., 303.449.4804,

Runner Up: Chocolaterie Stam, 103 N. Public Road, Unit B, Lafayette, 303.800.8201,